sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

An Anonymous message to the Spanish political class


English transcript:
This is an anonymous message to the Spanish political class.

    We warned you, "Did you believe you could deceive everybody all the time? It seems you have not understood anything. Your continuous efforts to stifle freedom of speech and the rising tide of indignation against the corrupt system are completely useless. The more you become complacent to the plutocracy and their absurd demands, the more exposed you are to the public opinion. The more you make the people pay for the criminal greed of a small untouchable elite, the more it will reveal your obvious inability to lead the change required and that we demand.

    The more force you use against peaceful and unarmed people, the more you undermine your own authority. For every corporate misinformation that you or your backers issue or publish, citizens create hundreds of channels to ensure that the truth will be heard. The people have evolved. Now we are a distributed network that combine social networking with technology, sharing information as a global conscience. Your attempts to divide and alienate us and will not be effective anymore. Instead, you are exposing your strategy of attrition to the world.

    In the last elections on the 22nd of May you, the major parties, abandoned your smile and fighted for a seat at the right hand of the economy, your only and true god. The decadent and incapable Spanish parliamentary monarchy is unable to understand the desire of the awakened crowd, you can only try to discredit a movement that you do not understand, that you can not fight,  nor mute or stop. Your outdated labels, which only seek to sow a discord that favors yourselves, are an insult to the intelligence of your constituents. The people's struggle continues on and the message continues to surpass any obstacle. By itself, this revolution is a clear demonstration of the immaturity of a political class that lives by your own internal struggles and do not represent or work for us.

    Despite the published insinuations and aggression towards the camps by certain groups or infiltrators, with attitudes that might jeopardize the public image of rebellion, no one has stopped moving. Surprise, we need not sit on any committee. The changes demanded by the people are more than clear:

        Participatory democracy.
        Electoral law reform.
        Real separation of powers.
        Absolute transparency and fiscal policy.
        Tight controls on banks and corporations.

    Even as just a start, these changes are already much better than any of the reforms with which the de facto economic power subject to the country.

    While you are struggling to fight your true rulers as if we were the enemy, human and digital sides narrowed over the world in synergy with a will for peaceful change. The people’s Heterogeneity, spontaneity, capacity and preparedness exponentially exceeds any human or material resources that could be used against them. Ergo any attempt to fight it will be in vain.

    Maybe the people will remain camping, or they may leave and become peaceful and invisible guerrillas. The camps are only a symbol. Actually we are everywhere. You are persecuting those on whom you depend. We educate your children, prepare meals, gather your rubbish, connect your calls, we drive your ambulances and even protect you while you sleep. So start sweeping at home. Today is Spain, tomorrow Europe and maybe the world will be next.

    If you do not hear the clamor of the people, if you do not behave accordingly,  you should think for a moment: The people are now aware of our power and we know can do a much better job than you have done so far. Remember, change is happening, with or without you. The people should not fear the government, the government should fear its people.

    We are the people, we are the system, we are anonymous and we are legion. We do not forget, do not forgive, expect us.

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